Flexibility and Conditioning Classes

Embark on a transformative journey with our Conditioning and Ballet classes, designed to sculpt your body and refine your technique.

In our Conditioning sessions, you'll engage in targeted exercises to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and enhance endurance, laying a solid foundation for your dance practice. Then, step into the graceful world of ballet, where poise, precision, and elegance reign supreme. Led by our experienced instructors, you'll learn classical ballet techniques, including barre work, center exercises, and graceful movements across the floor. Whether you're a seasoned dancer honing your skills or a beginner discovering the beauty of ballet, our classes provide a supportive environment for growth and self-expression. Come elevate your fitness and artistry with us!

We offer 3 levels of acro classes this summer.


  1. What kind of class is this?
  2. Our Summer Conditioning Classes include flexibility, strengthening, turns and leaps and ballet.
  3. What will my son or daughter learn?
  4. Our instructors are well-educated and provide a safe environment where students will work to condition and strengthen their muscles and develop graceful lines. Allowing dancers to elevate their technique and ability as they mature into more professional artists. Dancers will condition their cores, upper and lower bodies which will improve pirouettes, leaps, jumps and extensions.
  5. Who will be teaching the class?
  6. Our teachers are acrobatic arts certified, preschool education certified, and qualified dance teachers. Our teachers work safely in a nurturing environment while encouraging students to challenge themselves.
  7. What should my son or daughter wear?
  8. For classes we recommend students wear leotards and dance shorts or leggings. Appropriate 2-pieces are welcome. No shoes are required.
  9. Will this be a fun experience?
  10. These classes are high energy classes designed to challenge the mind and body! These classes will encourage skills not learned in any other class style.