Join our exciting, hassle-free dance classes! Perfect for busy schedules, our short and sweet sessions offer a burst of energy and creativity without the long-term commitment. With dynamic instructors, upbeat music, and a welcoming atmosphere, your child will enjoy every moment as they learn new moves and let loose on the dance floor.

Come join us for a dose of joy and movement - no long-term commitment required!


  1. What kind of class is this?
  2. Our 4 Week Sessions are NO COMMITMENT ~ NO OBLIGATION and have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! These are the perfect dance classes without the long-term commitment!
  3. What will my son or daughter learn?
  4. Students will learn basic dance terminology and techniques while dancing to appropriately themed music. Students may also participate in crafts, stories, and acting/singing.
  5. Who will be teaching the class?
  6. Our teachers are acrobatic arts certified, preschool education certified, and qualified dance teachers who will fill your child's imagination with adventure, fun and EXCITEMENT! Our teachers use age appropriate music and movements in a safe and nourishing environment.
  7. What should my son or daughter wear?
  8. Students should wear comfortable clothing, socks or bare feet is acceptable. No special shoes or clothing is required.
  9. Will this be a fun experience?
  10. These classes provide students with extraordinary adventures, develop their imaginations, offer creative outlets and bring social interaction. We are so certain your child will have fun we offer discounts when you come back to experience another 4 week session during the same season! So what are you waiting for?