(5 years – 8 years) Our Progressions classes are 45 min – 1 hour classes developed to lay the foundation for correct, safe and successful dancing in years to follow. Students will expand on the basic steps and terminology of tap, ballet, jazz and acro. Classes may be combination classes exposing the student to more than one style of dance. Students will participate in fun, energetic classes, be exposed to more difficult steps, and develop his or her dance knowledge in a safe and nurturing environment.

All shoes, tights and leotards can be purchased through Revival Academy of Dance. Sizing kits will be available throughout the year.
Any color leotard
Pink, tan or white tights
REVOLUTION 100 split-sole pink ballet slippers
REVOLUTION 826 U-shell tap shoe black

Jazz: bare feet shoes for performances TBA


1 Class ~ $60.00-68.00/MONTH

2 Classes ~ $100.00-116.00/MONTH